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7 Januari 2020

Zaurus B.V. wants everyone to be able to use this website. If you do come across a page that is not fully accessible, please let us know – we will continue to optimize our website.

What do we mean by an ‘accessible website’?
An accessible website can be used by all target groups. To that end, functional technical and editorial accessibility requirements and / or guidelines have been drawn up. These can be found in the accessibility standard Digital accessible EN 301 549.

Ensuring accessibility

We achieve a proper level of accessibility through various measures in our daily processes:

  • Accessibility ‘by design’: accessibility is always kept in mind when building and maintaining this website.
  • When independent experts test our website for accessibility, we include their findings to quickly and properly resolve any bottlenecks.
  • Our employees follow developments in the field of accessibility and apply them where desirable.

Report bottlenecks

Do you have any questions or remarks? Or do you want to use a page that is not accessible? Please contact us at info@zaurus.io – we would like to receive as much information as possible about the page / situation that does not work well for you, so that we can adequately solve the problem.

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