Video Conferencing in Digital Consulting Rooms

Ideal for telehealth, multidisciplinary consultations and more.

Zaurus ISO 27001 ISO 27701 ISO 9001 ISO 22301 certified HIPAA compliant
Zaurus video call service for remote care
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Telehealth by Means of Digital Consulting Rooms

The healthcare industry is increasingly working to replacing physical consultations with digital ones whenever possible. 

Our digital consulting rooms are the perfect solution for such digital consultations. Healthcare professionals can use the consulting rooms to start video calls, chat or exchange files with their patients or colleagues.

Video conferencing for telehealth on smartphones tablets desktops and smart glasses

Secure and GDPR compliant

Zaurus has been certified for the ISO 27001 and the new ISO 27701 privacy norm. We are HIPAA compliant. Data is safe with us.

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Developed for healthcare

Our solution has been developed specifically for the healthcare industry and provides everything that is necessary for successful digital communication.

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We ensure a high end technical connection, so that healthcare professionals can focus on the human connection.

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Work smarter with digital assistants

One of the things that sets our digital consulting rooms apart from other solutions, is the option to deploy digital assistants.

These smart ‘chatbots’ can assist your organization with, for example, the initial triage, coordinating a digital service point or walk-in consultation hour or creating consulting rooms.

Zaurus Support

Do you need some help figuring out how to use our digital consulting rooms or one of our assistants? Our helpdesk is ready to assist you! Feel free to go to our support portal and send us a ticket.

On the support portal you can also find a broad range of instruction materials: from manuals to video demonstrations.

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Are you interested in using Zaurus to provide remote care? 
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